Dr. Christian Beenfeldt

DPhil (PhD), University of Oxford, 2010/2011.

Cand.mag., University of Copenhagen, 2004.

Chief consultant, science and communications specialist.

Ten years of experience as a project manager.

Sectors: business, technology, research/higher education, media.

Media projects for companies such as Novo Nordisk, ATP, Deloitte Consulting, Rail Net Denmark, National Aquarium Denmark, Tiger, Statistics Denmark, and many others.

Papers, reports, and reviews published in international peer-reviewed journals as well by leading publishing houses such as Cambridge University Press, Springer International Publishing, and SAGE Publications.

Presentations given at the world's leading universities (University of Oxford, University of California etc.), at medical and scientific conferences etc.

Links to a few written works below.

Book on Early Modern Experimental Psychology

The Philosophical Background and Scientific Legacy of E. B. Titchener's Psychology: Understanding Introspectionism. ISBN-10: 3319002414. ISBN-13: 978-3319002415. Published May 31st 2013. The SpringerBriefs in Philosophy Series. New York: Springer.

Find the book at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

Encyclopedia of the Mind (SAGE Publications)

Beenfeldt, C. 2013. "Access Consciousness". In Encyclopedia of the Mind (ed. Pashler, H.), 2 vols. ISBN: 9781412950572. SAGE Reference. SAGE Publications, Inc., vol. 1., pp. 1-4.

Find the book at Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

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